String Theory demo


Year created: 2019

Time:  2 min

Music: Erik Satie

Like atoms we attract, repel, fuse, take distance, but are we ever truly separate?  What if we could perceive, both tactilely and visibly that we are connected?

It has been discovered in quantum physics that 99% of the body is made up of space that exists inseparable to all life.

String Theory inquires into the illusion of separateness that we perceive as humans.

Earth Pulse: Tears of Gravity


Year created: 2018

Time: 14:19 min

Sound: Joachim-Ernst Berendt's "Earth" and "Sun", Art Descendance "Falling Solar Winds", Recordings of thunder from Dharamsala, India

As an extension of our planetary series exploration, this piece endeavors to inquire further into the realm of human suffering and our potential to heal through the reflection of our relationship with mother Earth. 

wahrloses Einkaufen


Solo Improvisation by Christian Bernecker

Year created: 2019

Time: 06:48 min

Auf einer kleinen Insel in der Ruhr hat das Hochwasser einen Einkaufswagen zuruckgelassen. Ein Geschenk fuer die Phantasie.
Deplatziert laed dieser ein auf andere Art zum Shoppen. Das "Was und wohin und wofuer" in diesem Kontext 
ueberhoeht die Frage nach dem richtigen Einkauf.
Das Naturerlebnis beim Einkaufen steht im bizarren Gegensatz zu der alltarglichen Verrichtung dieser Taetigkeit.



Year created: 2018

Time: 9:58 min

Sound: Joachim-Ernst Berendt's "Jupiter"

A physical poetry experiment depicting the evolution of the microplankton, deep-sea coral beings to that of human life and what may then be perceived of the macro planetary world.


Bosso Fataka


Year created: 2018

Time: 10:01 min

Improvised solo performance by Christian Bernecker

What lies beyond the wall of perception? Between the spaces of sound and silence?   

Holding Cell - A Dance Film


Year created: 2020

Time:  11:58 min

There is a medicine story that tells of Crow´s fascination with her own shadow.  She kept looking at it, scratching it, pecking at it, until her shadow woke up and became alive. 

"Holding Cell" is a dance film, characterized by micro-movement Improvisation, drawing in the presence of vocal sound to amplify notions of perceptual time and space, to question our relationship to what we perceive as borders, boundaries, or limitations -- security as well as freedom. 

It is an act of minimalism.  One body, one place, which shapes and shifts an experience of space, propelling us to consider how we shape the spaces we inhabit and how they in turn, shape us.

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